Vital Skills which is wholly owned by ENPOWER TRAINING SERVICES is proud to be a SASSETA - The Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority accredited, Professional Firearm Trainers Council registered and South African Police approved firearm training provider .

We are equally proud to be associated with EXCELLERATE SERVICES (formerly ENFORCE SECURITY SERVICES) in providing an indoor shooting range as well as a number of quality firearm training programmes for the security industry AND the public.

Our training facility and indoor shooting range is in Springfield Park, Durban North. See map in the Contact us page .

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Experienced Staff

We have extremely experienced facilitators, assessors and moderators giving training in:


Demonstrate Knowledge of the Firearms Control Act (compulsory)
Self Loading Rifle
Shot Gun
Manually Loading Rifle


HandGun for business purposes
Self Loading Rifle for business purposes
Shot Gun for business purposes
Manually Loading Rifle for business purposes

Firearm Training since 2005

We have trained and proficiency certified over 11 000 learners in various firearm related training programmes in the last nine  years.
We are accredited to provide for :

  • the relicencing of existing firearm licence holders,
  • training of novices seeking to apply for a new firearm licence,
  • firearm training for security officers,
  • private persons wishing to practise and upgrade their shooting skills,
  • the training of game rangers and anti poaching staff
  • tactical firearm training for advanced users
  • specialised national key point firearm training
  • Reg 21 Security officer refresher training

Firearm Training Accredited by 

The South African Police Services - SAPS
Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority  - SASSETA
Professional Firearm Trainers Council  - PFTC

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Firearm Training 

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