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Updated   5 Jul;y 2017

Enpower Training Services offers an accredited course for Home-Based Care Giver Course/ Health Worker, a new and improved course with new courseware and equipment. Enpower Training Services is accredited with the HWSETA to present Home Based Care Giver Training, under the accreditation of our Community Health Worker qualification programme. The role of a Care Giver Course is to care for the ill, elderly or disabled people in their own home environment. Sometimes the care giver would also care for a baby or child who may or may not be ill. Care may be required on a long term basis or may be for a short period whilst the person is well after an illness or an operation.

REGISTRATION FOR 2017 OPEN! Dates are now available. The first scheduled course will commend on the 9th of January 2017.
The Care Giver/ Health Worker course has many beneficial factors such as additional courses such as First Aid, Health and Safety and HIV and Aids Counseling. This course has many job opportunities once the qualification is obtained. Job opportunities one can engage in is employment at Frail Care Centre's, Clinics, an Au Pair, Volunteer Work, Private Nursing Homes as well as working in private residences.

There are no rules or regulations as to who can or cannot become a caregiver and what the training a caregiver needs. The scope for care giving is very wide and each care giver will find they they have their individual preference when choosing a job.

Enpower Training Services specifically provides a payment plan for this programme.

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Who is a 'person with a disability' ?

In terms of the Employment Equity Act : "people with disabilities" means :

  • people who have a long-term or recurring physical or mental impairment
  • which substantially limits their prospects of entry into, or advancement in, employment.

Always remember - The  focus is on the effect of a disability on the person in the working environment, and not on the diagnosis of the impairment.

Why disabled people are important

South African  COMPANIES AND EMPLOYERS need to meet Employment Equity and B-BBEE goals that:

1. Ensure that disabled people benefit  from affirmative action programmes, including, where possible, continuous focus on their retention, recruitment and overall enablement.

2. Determine a minmum target number of disabled employees for employment

3. Enhance their B-BBEE scores with up to 6 points

Howver it is more than a numbers game. The overriding ideal is that an environment is created in which disabled employees feel valued and supported in reaching their full professional potential despite their physical and other impairments..

Proving your status - What needs to be shown

In all cases we have to be able to demonstarte that a candidate or employee  satisfies the requirements for a person with a disability.

There must be proof of :
1. a long term physical/mental/intellectual impairment OR
2. a reoccurring physical/mental/intellectual impairment AND
3. the fact that this impairment  is deterimental to their ability to find work, or progress in employment

How is this proved?

The candidate /potential employee need to submit a medical certificate clearly setting out:

1. the nature and extent of the disability
2. the extent/effect of the actual impairment in the work environment.

What may be asked of you:

  • Do you have any physical, mental condition that is affecting your ability to do your work ( an impairment)?       
  • If yes please give us the name or the symptoms of your disability.
  • Does this  disability/impairment  also affect your ability to progress or advance  in your workplace?       
  • If yes please let us know how this is affecting your daily  life, work and progress in your career.
  • What is the extent of your disability in terms of mobility, learning etc
  • Has this condition been there continuously for more than 12 months?       
  • Does /has this condition reoccurred at different times?( did  it come and go over the last 12 months)       
  • Is this condition getting worse?       
  • Are you taking medication for the condition?       
  • Does the medication remove the impairment or  keep it under control?       
  • Do you receive any disability grant?       
  • Are there any special arrangements being made at your place of work to accommodate you because of the disability/       
  • If yes please let us know any such arrangements, no matter how small or simple the arrangement may seem to you.

TRAINING FOR THE DISABLED                                          TRAINING FOR THE DISABLED
Enpower Training Services is a provide that provides training to the yound, disabled youth through funding made available. These projects that are run for the students is to assit in upliftment within the youth and disabled society and to gain independence in life. These projects for the disabled youth are focuses on the NDP 2030 (National Development Plan) for the Skills Development of our youth to improve the economic environment of our country.
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